Aloha Aina Center

  • "In the Heart of Haiku"
  • "810 Kokomo Road, Haiku, Maui"
  • "Where Locals and Visitors will find what they need"
  • "Services to promote Healthy Living in Haiku"
  • "Your invitation to enjoy life with our many fine choices"
  • "Convenient abundant parking in a great location"

Welcome To

"Aloha Aina" is love of the land, you will love this place. Located In the heart of Haiku at 810 Kokomo Road, right next to the Haiku Post Office and directly across the street from Haiku Marketplace. We offer a variety of casual eating establishments, fitness centers as well as health, wellness & beauty services. From vegan to BBQ, gluten-free baked goods and organic juices, we have a cornicopia of choices to help you eat well, get well, stay well and live well in mind, body, spirit.

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Health & Wellness

Empowered Health Services